The Fathomable Undetermined:

This is where it gets interesting.

Because even with running the way that it always has been, you never know if you dont go.

On top of that, also the unfathomable determined would make a great case.

Sometimes its all about just doing what you think is right and what you think will work and then executing it after organizing and prioritizing in a way that no one else does.

You see, it’s all about doing things in a way that no one else does them.

On top of all of that, its about having extremely specialized knowledge.

The knowledge is the key but the application of it is even better.

If you dont know – now you know! salt and peppa and heavy D up in this limousine.

If you dont’ know what song thats from then I cant help you but at least I tried!

You have to give me two gold stars for trying.

What do you say?